Created as a service (NOT FOR PROFIT) to members of health club associations. The service is FREE to members, non-members and licensed business brokers. Our mission is to enhance the health & fitness industry with quality services that facilitates the growth of the industry, by providing support in the sales, mergers & acquisitions of health clubs.

HealthClubForSale.com offers a confidential & discreet listing service, designed specifically to bring both buyers and sellers together of all types of health clubs. Our proven system of qualifying BUYERS is assuring to SELLERS. This process enables SELLERS to respond accordingly to interested BUYERS in a confidential manner via our blind e-mail system. Subsequently, a SELLER can qualify the buyer to their own satisfaction, and decide whether or not to share information.

Leads go to you, the seller, directly. You can chose to make direct contact with a buyer, or hire an agent to handle the process for you.

Should you need a formal purchase, deposit & receipt sales agreement, confidentiality agreement, non-disclosure agreement, and or a letter of intent, all of this information is available to SELLERS for FREE.

Buyers benefit with our service by:
  • Free Listing Searches of health clubs for Sale
  • Listing Search Matching
  • View Listings On-line
  • Contact sellers directly
  • Assistance with Financing, equipment purchases, consulting, etc.

SELLERS benefit with our service by:
  • FREE confidential listing/ ad
  • Getting Qualified Buyers
  • Confidential & discreet email ad response
  • Expert assistance at your finger tips

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